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Top quality, professional translation from Danish to English. Communication, clarity and creativity.

It is quite simple. I provide top quality, fast, professional translation of almost any kind of text – with the exception of highly technical or legal documents. No job is too big or too small. My work ranges from company slogans and Facebook posts to entire novels or textbooks.

The client sends me a file in docx., .pptx, .xlsx, .idml, .pdf etc. format. I take a thorough look at the text and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the job. If the subject matter is not within my area of expertise, I will refer the client to another translator or agency. If I accept the job, I then quote the price and agree on a deadline for delivery.

Whatever the job, I charge a set price per word + VAT (MOMS). However, urgent jobs that require overnight, weekend or same-day delivery are subject to an additional (25%) charge. In the case of large-scale jobs – books, art-exhibition catalogues etc. – I am always happy to negotiate a special fee with the client at less than the normal word-count rate.

Generally speaking, the finished translation will be delivered to the client in exactly the same format as the original Danish text. The exception is complex .pdf files. In this case, I will deliver the translation  in a clean, docx. file. I do not provide DTP (Desktop Publishing). In the case of a website, I am more than happy to work ‘backend’ – the client grants me access to his/her website and I write the translation directly in the system.

I am also more than happy to send a potential client samples of my previous translation work or – should they wish – I will translate a short test text of their choosing. I do not charge for the latter service. 



I can provide translation in either UK English or US English.

A major advantage for repeat clients is that I work with a CAT (Computer-assisted Translation) tool. Put simply, it ‘remembers’ every translation I create.  I write a translation for a company – anything from a motto or sharp description of a product to an ‘About Us’ or ‘History’. It gets stored in the CAT system. That same company returns later with a new job and wishes to incorporate all, or part of that translation in a new context. I simply click on the translation I wrote before and it appears in the new text. This guarantees clients 100% consistency.

I can also provide proofreading and copyediting. What is the difference between the two? See: The charge per word for either of these two services is somewhat lower than that for translation. In either case, the client submits a document that has already been translated into English or written in English. I re-work it and return 2 versions of the corrected text – one version displaying the Track Changes and one ‘clean’ version. The goal in either case is a grammatically, linguistically correct English text that is worthy of publication.

Contact me for a non-binding quote.

NOTE: I treat all data with the strictest confidentiality.

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